Lighting Research
at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

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Research Facilities

Laboratory with daylight blackout (65m2).

Spectroradiometer (Konica-Minolta CS1000A).
Luminance meters (Konica-Minolta LS-110; Konica-Minolta LS-100).
Illuminance meters (Konica-Minolta T-10M [x2]; Minolta TL-1; Hagner E4-X [x3] with horizontal, semi-cylindrical, and hemispherical detectors).
Chroma-meter (Konica-Minolta CL-200).

Spectrum-tunable LED lighting units.
HID and fluorescent lamps, control gear and housings.

Cambridge Research Systems Video Eye Tracker Toolbox.
Biopac MP-150 system with Skin Conductance Response measurement (shared resource).
SensoMotoric Instruments Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless (shared resource).

Lighting chamber (30m3) -- currently holding 1/10th scale representation of a road with lane-changing cars and moving lane obstacle.
Fog generator and laser system to measure absorption coefficient of chamber atmosphere.
Brightness matching booths.
Electromechanical iris dampers.
Obstacle detection test rig.
Robotic carousel to select and orientate detection target objects.

Interactive display screens (front projection white board; plasma with interactive overlay).
Transflective 10.1" LCD screen (PixelQi PQ3Qi-01).
LCD projector with alternative light sources.
Mirror on robotic gimbal for dynamic visual fixation target [x2].

Data loggers (Hobo UX120-006M).
Microcontrollers -- general purpose with various expansion boards and sensors.

Colour vision tests (Ishihara; Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue; Farnsworth dichotomous D-15).
Macbeth colour checker charts.

Walking treadmill.
Static bicycle on twin rollers requiring rider balance or with stabiliser.

Automated street lighting measurement and logging trailer (not self-propelled).
Rechargeable battery packs.
Navigation satellite receiver.
Cameras (Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR; GoPro Hero4 Silver).
Laser range finder.

Portable colour assessment cabinet (Verivide).
Colour matching cabinet (Verivide).

Lighting array with six spectrum-tunable
Red-Green-Blue-Amber LED modules

Static bicycle facing obstacle field

Pavement obstacles, diameter
200mm, motion-controlled,
heights 0 to 50mm

Side-by-side comparison booths

Projector mirror on robotic gimbal


Robotic carousel to orientate and present a variety
of model faces for expression/intent recognition tests


Pavement obstacles, 100mm diameter,
motion-controlled, heights -25mm to +25mm


Observer's view of lane-changing cars and
lane obstacle on a 1/10th scale carriageway


Measuring absorption coefficient of foggy road conditions
by the attenuation of three visible laser beams


Gaze tracking & pupil size measurement




1/10th scale model cars connected to
sub-surface lane-changing carriages