Lighting Research
at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

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Research Facilities

Static bicycle facing obstacle field

Pavement obstacles, diameter
200mm, motion-controlled,
height adjustable 0-50mm

Projector mirror on robotic gimbal

Side-by-side comparison booths


Laboratory with daylight blackout.

Artificial (overcast) sky.

Spectroradiometer (Konica-Minolta CS1000A).
Luminance meters (Konica-Minolta LS-110; Konica-Minolta LS-100).
Illuminance meters (combined scotopic/photopic; Konica-Minolta T-10M [x2]; Minolta TL-1; Hagner E4-X [x3] with horizontal, semi-cylindrical, and hemispherical detectors).
Chroma-meter (Konica-Minolta CL-200).

Pupil size measuring and eye tracking apparatus (Video Eyetracker Toolbox).

Obstacle detection test rigs (bespoke).
Brightness matching booths.
Electromechanical iris dampers (bespoke).
Bespoke lamp trays with lamps and control gear (x15).
Colour matching cabinet (Verivide).
Glare sources (bespoke, dimmable, adjustable aperture size, x2).

Interactive display screens (front projection 64" 171-808 SMART white board 640 BECTA; NEC 42" Plasma 42XP10 flatscreen with PX342 SMART interactive overlay).
Transflective 10.1" LCD screen (PixelQi PQ3Qi-01).
LCD projectors.

Data loggers (Hobo UX120-006M).
Navigation satellite receiver (Garmin GPSMAP 64s).
Camera equipment (Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR; GoPro Hero4 Silver; remote control; tripods).
Microcontrollers (Arduino; Raspberry Pi; various expansion boards and sensors).
Battery packs for field work (Lithium polymer rechargable).
Mobile semi-automated street lighting survey unit (under development).

Mirror on robotic gimbal for dynamic visual fixation target.

Colour vision tests (Ishihara; Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue; Farnsworth dichotomous D-15).
Macbeth colour checker charts.
Portable colour assessment cabinet (Verivide).

Observer dual tasks (Lifespan TR1200-DT3 walking treadmill; Bicycle on rollers with optional stabiliser).


Gaze tracking & pupil size measurement