Lighting Research
at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

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Funding Sources

Highways England

Impact of Road Lighting. 584(4/45/12)ARPS (contract with ARUP UPS), £130K, January 2016 to March 2017.


MERLIN-2: Further empirical evidence of lighting for pedestrians. EPSRC grant EP/M02900X/1, awarded to S Fotios, June 2015, £454,085.

MERLIN: Mesopically Enhanced Road Lighting: Improving Night-vision. EPSRC grant EP/H050817, awarded to S Fotios, October 2010, £417,588.

Lighting for the classroom of the future: Acceptability of glare. EPSRC grant EP/F029276/1, awarded to S Fotios & R Parnell, February 2008 to January 2009, 31,009.

Street Lighting: A metric for specifying white light.  EPSRC grant EP/F035624/1, awarded to S Fotios, March 2008 to February 2010, 172,936.

Purchase of a spectroradiometer. EPSRC grant GR/T09385/01, 34,276, awarded July 2004.

White Light: an investigation of the perception of exterior lighting. EPSRC Grant: GR/S25074/01: September 2003 August 2006, 137,665.

Department for Transport

Research into the effects of road surface material on road lighting performance, contract No. PPAD 9/100/77, January 2005 to December 2005, 33,002.

Research into the circuit wattage of discharge lamps used in public lighting, contract No. PPAD 9/100/76, June 2004 to November 2004, 30,282.


Obstacle Detection: Investigating the effects of lamp type and luminance, June 2007, Philips Lighting Ltd., 26,780.


Travel award; £1905 to attend CIE 2016 conference, Melbourne, 2016.

Travel award; £770 to attend 28th Session of the CIE, Manchester, 2015.

Travel award; £1000 to attend CIE 2014 conference, Kuala Lumpur, 2014.

Travel award; £700 to attend CIE 2013 conference, Paris, 2013.

Travel award; £2000 to attend CIE 2012 conference, China, 2012.

Travel award; £2000 to attend 27th Session of the CIE, South Africa, 2011.

Travel award; £800 to attend CIE expert symposium, Ghent, 2010.

Travel award; £500 to attend CIE 2010 conference, Vienna, 2010.

Travel award; £800 to attend Division 4/5 meetings, Helsinki, 2008.

Travel award; £950 to attend 26th Session of the CIE, Beijing 2007.

Research Award 2002; contribution to setting up a lighting research room, £1,761.

Research Award 2000; provide side-by-side lighting comparison booths, £2,000.